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Visio Master Pack contains the following packages

- Control4 Misc. Visio Stencils
- Pakedge Misc. Visio Stencils
- Triad Speakers Misc. Visio Stencils
- Wattbox Misc. Visio Stencils

High resolution Visio stencils for the following equipment

- EA1
- EA1 (Rack Mount)
- EA3
- EA3 (Rack Mount)
- EA5 (Rack Mount)
- LU1E
- LU642
- LU862
- LU1082

- SE-8P
- SE-26
- SX-8P
- SX-24P
- SX-24P8
- RK-1

Triad Speakers
- AMS8
- AMS24
- PAMP4-100
- PAMP8-100

- WB-700-IPV-12
- WB-700CH-IPV-12
- WB-600-FP

The stencils include front and rear of each piece of equipment. Stencils also include connection points for connecting to secondary equipment.

Disclaimer: Not a Control4 product or service, designs not reviewed or approved by Control4

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